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Darling Dolls Cattery

About Persians and Napoleons

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We are looking forward to litters of Napoleons and CFA Persians in the near future! With our latest addition, Dunkin our black/white munchkin, this will open the gateway to our dreamy, fairy-tale Napoleon kittens! Waiting lists are being started now for these rare little specimens, so submit an adoption form if you are interested.

*****About Napoleons*****

Napoleons are a rare, but an up and coming breed that are a result from crossing Persians with Munchkins. These cats encompass the gorgeous, sweet characteristics of both breeds; the precious personality, gorgeous faces, amazing colors, various coat lengths, long-legged (non-standard) and short-legged (standard), they are in our opinion the cutest cats on the planet! Also, their coats tend to be more manageable than most Persian's coats. This is also a very hardy and healthy breed, and unlike dachshund dogs, they are not plagued with the spinal defects from their short stature. These beauties are known for their great health, amazing temperament and unsurpassed looks! They truly are fairytale kitties!


*****About Persians*****

Persians are a wonderful, extremely popular breed of cat that has been around for many years. These beauties are known for their long, luscious coats, precious round heads with adorable matching round eyes and some of the sweetest expressions ever known in the cat world with their darling faces. They are a laid back breed, known for their calm demeanor, loving temperament, and personality. There are more CFA registered Persians than all of the other breeds COMBINED! These cats did not gain #1 popularity by chance, they truly are amazing, elegant, regal creatures synonymous with royalty and grace.