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Darling Dolls Cattery


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Captain Crisco Of The Caribbean is our stunning copper-eyed white CFA Persian male. He was born July 26th 2007 and was actually 20 weeks old when we purchased him. We were very hesitant to get a kitten at such an age- never having gotten one older than 9 weeks in the past. All of our worries melted away the moment we drove away from the breeders house, as he casually purred the whole way home, laying there, so calmly. Never having seen dogs before, we had no idea how he would react to our Boxer. But being such a wonderful, calm boy- he simply arched his back and made a few hisses before bravely walking up to her and sniffing noses. From day one, he’s been nothing but a lovable, purring, playful angel. He’s perfect for face washings, nail trimmings, etc. We are so thankful to have added Crisco to our home.



Crisco's friendly breeder was kind enough to allow us to visit her home and see Crisco's family. Here is his gorgeous CFA Persian father, Prince Teddy Bear, a seal point himalayan.


This is Crisco's beautiful mother. This is Magicmix Princess Sassy Mae, a copper-eyed white CFA Persian.


This little red tabby male is Crisco's littermate who was also on the premises for us to choose from. He's a doll too, what a hard decision!