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Darling Dolls Cattery

About Us

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Crisco and Willow
Already flirting after having known each other for only 3 days!

How We Began:

In Summer ‘07, We obtained our darling baby sisters; Tsunami (black Persian) and Willow (shaded silver Persian.) We acquired them as pets primarily, with the hopes to someday breed. As their personalities developed, their coats grew luscious, and their outstanding health maintained- we knew that we would definitely want to provide people with the same loving, gorgeous, healthy pets that we’ve grown extremely attached to. So we made the decision to acquire our charming male; Crisco (copper-eyed white Persian) in late December, 2007. After much research and oogling over webpage after webpage with photos of the dreamy, fairy-tale little Napoleons, we decided to acquire our very own Munchkin (black/white bicolor) to produce Napoleons of our own!


Why We Breed:

Firstly, we would like to make it very clear that we have never been motivated by money. As any reputable breeder knows, very little, if any money, is gained from a reputable, ethical breeding program. Our decision to breed our precious dolls was due to a lifelong dream and facination with the raising and breeding of pets. We have a true and sincere love for our animals, and while we wouldn't be able to financially continue on with this hobby if we weren't able to gain anything back from our kittens, we certainly do not breed for that reason. We believe in promoting our Persians and Napoleons as the wonderful breeds that they are. We strive for ideal health, amazing, outgoing temperaments, and outstanding looks; colors, coat, structure and faces. Our primary characteristic of interest is the charming doll-faces. We are dedicated to producing lovely, healthy, charming, gorgeous pet-quality kittens to approved, carefully screened homes. We breed cats who seek out human affection, that purr continuously, and warm your lap. We breed fabulous felines of wonderful, sound health. Lastly, we breed for amazing beauty. Our physical goals include: thick, luxurious coats; large, well rounded eyes; short, cobby bodies; wonderful, enchanted doll-faces; gorgeous heads; intense colors and varieties in our Persians and Napoleons.


How We Operate:

We are an extremely small, home-based cattery (with only 4 cats, currently.) Our dedication is to house our “breeders” in a loving, cageless environment, being underfoot in the home. Of course we are very careful with our 2 intact toms, and keep them in seperate rooms of our home to prevent squabbles and ensure breedings are done very carefully with the right sire! Our cats are our PETS, first and foremost. All of our Persians are CFA registered. Our breeders are also tested negative for Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus prior to considering them for breeding. Our cats are current on each vaccine- including Feline virus, Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia, Chlamydia, Leukemia and Rabies. Our cats are maintained on a premium diet of Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance/Royal Canin Persian 30, with fresh water always available. We diligently use monthly flea control (either Frontline Plus, Promeris, or Advantage.) We regularly deworm with Praziquantel and Pyrantel Pamoate. We have several litter boxes filled with clean Fresh Step to drastically reduce odor and stress to our beauties. We believe stimulus keeps kitties content! Therefore, we have a 3 tier kitty-condo which is carpeted allowing them to extend to their full body lengths and scratch. We have countless toys, gadgets, and playthings always available. Lastly, we smother our cats with love. We're constantly handling all of our beauties, individually, as this is one of the best ways to ensure a cooperative cat, which may save their life. If a cat is not handled well and can't cooperate with a vet in an emergency, it could have devestating effects on just how much care the vet is able to render. Therefore, we hold our babies in our arms, lying on their backs- just like real human babies- constantly kissing and coddling. They are comfortable and confident, loving, purring, feeling safe and relaxed. They allow us to use this same possitioning for nail trimmings. Our cats are our children and our LIVES.


What You Will Receive With Your DDC Kitten:

Our kittens will be socialized intensely, just as our adults are, while in our home. They will be exposed to other cats, our Boxers, the vacuum cleaner, and many other sights, sounds, and smells. They will have weekly nail trimmings from 4 weeks on, and at least 2 baths prior to leaving. They will have a potty-patch cut prior to going into their new home (hair will be clipped around the rectal area as kittens tend to have difficulty with hygiene at first and this helps to keep them as clean as possible.) Our kittens will be put on Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance for All Life Stages/Royan Canin Kitten prior to going to new homes. Your CFA Persian kitten will be sold with complete 6 generation pedigree information revealing the lineage of your kitten via a copy of a CFA certified pedigree of both parents (Our lines have several Champions/Grand Champions starting only a couple of generations back). You will receive a Kitten Kit containing valuable coupons, information and samples. Your kitten will have received regular dewormings at 2 week intervals from the age of 2 weeks. Your kitten will also be current on FVRCPC/FeLV and Rabies vaccines, and will not need ANY other vaccines for 1 full year. Your kitten will also be already spayed or neutered. Your kitten will be available at the age of at least 12 weeks unless otherwise stated. All kittens go out on contract.