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Darling Dolls Cattery


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Sweet Dreams of Precious Willow is our little shaded silver CFA Persian queen also born April 3rd, 2007. She is an outgoing, fearless, cocky, mischievous little devil. She’s very mouthy- constantly meowing while she’s purring, mind you, so that she can pretend to convey how much she dislikes being coddled. Willow is a sassy little sweetheart- and we wouldn’t want her any other way! Despite all of her talk- she’s actually a very good girl; allowing us to easily clean teeth, administer dewormings, perform nail trimmings, and ear cleanings, etc. She’s perfect in the tub; sits patiently without making a peep through the whole bath. During the drying, she lays there in the towel, on her back like a baby; meowing softly as she purrs. She is developing an amazing coat with a gorgeous ruff. She has a precious face with wonderful eyes. We are very grateful for our little nosey, dramatic beauty.