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Darling Dolls Cattery


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Torrents of Tropical Tsunami is our incredible black CFA Persian girl born April 3rd, 2007. In addition to being an absolutely stunning little onyx- she's got an amazing personality. She's so very calm, gentle, easy going, and precious- she doesn't quite live up to her name! As soon as she sees you land on the couch- it's in your lap- or better yet- on your chest, snuggling, purring away. She's very soft spoken. She'll talk to you quietly when shes in need of some cuddle time. Such a loving, perfect girl. She is also incredibly tolerant- anything we could dream of doing to this precious love- she patiently, silently, moitionlessly endures; baths, face cleanings, grooming, ear cleanings, nail trimmings, tons and tons and tons of kisses- you name it, she'll let you!She's developing quite the luxurious, black coat, and has a darling little face. We are so blessed to have our amazing Tsunami.

Our lovely Tsunami
Showing off her gorgeous bushy tail!