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Darling Dolls Cattery


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Exiting his crate for the first time in his new home!

Dunkin is our latest addition! He is a black/white bicolor standard (short-legged) Munchkin. He’s a very healthy, gorgeous boy. We were very thrilled with his sleek, gorgeous coat, well rounded-head and super-short munchkin legs- we just couldn’t pass him up. He has the most amazing sea foam green eyes. He is a very affectionate, friendly, playful little guy. We are so excited to have added him to our cattery. He has a lot of wonderful qualities to add to our so eagerly hoped for Napoleon lines!

Dunkin the Munchkin- Loves to make messes!
Check out those short little legs!

What are Napoleons?
Napoleons are created by breeding Munchkins with Persians. The ideal kitten would have all of the facial/coat characteristics of a Persian with the tiny miniaturized legs of the Munchkin! However, long-legged Napoleons are just as healthy, sweet, and gorgeous and are therefore just as sought out as their shorter littermates. Their coat lengths can vary greatly, as do colors, patterns and facial features. This is a new breed, and a very sweet, affectionate, healthy one. In our opinion, they are the cutest cats in the world!! These are amazing little cats. If you are the type of person who has been dreaming about owning a "kitten for life"- this is definitely the ideal breed to go with!! With the large round eyes, precious doll-faces, beautiful fur and sweet tiny legs, you really can't go wrong.
We are currently taking names for Napoleon kittens now. Space is extremely limited. Please submit your adoption form if you are seriously interested.

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