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Darling Dolls Cattery


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Good News :o)
We'll be adding updated individual photos this weekend!!

Tsunami's four kittens at four days of age!

BORN: MAY 24th, 2008

 Tsunami presented us with 4 amazing, mewing little angels at 12:45am! We are not 100% sure as to colors at this time, but it appears we have a brown tabby, a himalayan, a pure white, and a red tabby! We're guessing our himalayan baby is a flame point, although he/she may wind up remaining pure white. We are fairly definite all 4 are males.

Tsunami's birth went very smoothly, and quickly. She is showing wonderful mothering skills so far and appears to be producing plenty of milk! Hopefully, all 4 babies will grow and flourish! More information, names and photos will follow within the upcoming weeks. Watch this page closely!!

UPDATE : Eyes are opening!! More individual photos will appear soon!

Willow's four kittens- at only 7 hours of age.

BORN: MAY 28th, 2008

Willow delivered 4 amazing beauties at 4:05 am! Again, colors are a bit questionable, but it appears that we have a brown tabby boy, pure white girl, pure white boy and a torbie girl- although our whites may end up being himalayans.

Willow did wonderful. She is a very calm mom, and gave birth with no difficulties. She appears to be nursing well, and all babies seem healthy and well!

We are adding names to our waiting list now.If any of the above pieces of heaven interest you, please submit your adoption form soon.




Persian Waiting List
Kim V
Darlene R
Napoleon Waiting List
Juliette M
Danielle D