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Darling Dolls Cattery


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There's a new sheriff in town!

All of our cats are placed as PETS only- not for breeding or showing. They are already spayed and neutered prior to going into new homes. This is for several reasons, primarily as we want to know our lines inside and out prior to allowing any to go as breeders- and we are a very new cattery. Also, placing them already neutered prevents a lot of hassle for our adoptors being forced to provide documentation of the procedure down the road, and assures us that our precious muffins will never wind up in kitten farms.
Our kittens go into their new homes under contract. Refunds may be given up to 3 days after purchase accompanied by a veterinarian's statement indicating a disease or life-threatening heritable condition. Veterinary fees may NOT be reimbursed. Of course, your kitten will already have been seen by a veterinarian at least once, possibly twice, and will be accompanied with a health record. You are not required to have the kitten seen by your vet within 3 days, but may decide to do so for peace of mind and will be required to do so if you wish to take advantage of the guarantee.
The prices of our kittens will be determined at the time they are between 8-12 weeks and are expected to range from approximately $750- $900 per CFA Persian. Napoleons will range from $700+ (non-standard or long-legged) to $3000+ (standard or short-legged/rughugger) depending upon many factors seen in the kitten. Non-refundable deposits will be accepted when kittens are approximately 8 weeks old and will range from $200-$500 to reserve depending upon price of kitten. All prices are only  approximations, and actual prices can only be determined later on, and may change by the time the babies arrive. We refuse to ship any of our animals.
This page is under construction, any may change at any given time, please check back often.