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Darling Road Rattery

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Meet Our Rats: COMING SOON!

Below are our past rats from our previous breeding years. Our new group will be posted soon!

Our Boys

DRR Apac is our adorable black patched 1/4 wild hybrid dumbo. He is very energectic, alert, and healthy.


DRR Oat is a Russian platinum 1/8 wild hybrid dumbo who is actually much more handsome than this picture depicts. He's a gentle hearted, lovable boy.


DRR Sparrow (named after Captain Jack Sparrow) is a handsome blue berkshire dumbo. He's outgoing, funny and sweet. Occasionally- actually rather frequently- he shares the lovely characteristics of his namesake with his foolish antics.


Our Girls

DRR Forget, blue pointed himalayan, is a very robust, healthy girl. She is Guess' daughter.  


DRR Paintbrush is a black wedge-blazed dalmation 1/4 wild hybrid. She's VERY energetic, healthy, alert and gorgeous.


Ivyy is our cute little lilac bareback dumbo. She's healthy and energetic, sweet, nosey and loves to explore!


DRR Capybara is an amazing doll. Starting out as a premie- she was teeny tiny and white in color showing poor circulation- her tail had also been docked by mom. We were about 100% she was a goner- and wouldn't live past the first week. Then, she surprised us all. She's a blue agouti berkshire dumbo 1/4 wild hybrid. What's just as impressing as her being able to pull through, is her immense personality and temperament. She is so calm, gentle, loving and outgoing- which is impressive in any rat- and especially in a rat who's grandpa is 100% wild. She loves play wrestling, jumping around, kissing, and being held. She's one of the cutest, best, most amazing ratties we've ever had the pleasure of knowing- and we're truly grateful to be owned by such a darling creature.


DRR Bluebelle, daughter of true, is our gorgeous blue pointed himalayan dumbo. She's an energetic, healthy little sweetheart!


True (far left) is our precious blue pointed himilayan dumbo. In addition to her gorgeous looks, she's such a sweet, gentle, petite loving girl. She's very healthy and sweet. You can see the clear contrast between her and a standard seal pointed himilayan (far right.)


Guess (pictured in middle of above picture, and below) got her name because that's what we did for the first few months of her life- guess as to what color she was going to be! She started out as a very pretty beige blaze capped. But to our delight, she's developed blue points! So, she is now a bi-color blue point himilayan. She's a sweetheart, very healthy, active, large and robust.


Below is Piglet. She is one of the most unique rats that we've owned. She's a precious beige capped rex dumbo who holds her tail in a very interesting manner that closely resembles the style of a pig! She's super amusing, healthy and couldn't be cuter.