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Darling Road Rattery

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Hi there,

He, (DRR Iggy) is by far the sweetest and bravest of the bunch. We can tell he was handled with loving care before coming to us. He loves yogies and runs to the door of the cage everytime it is opened hoping to get more. We feed him a combination of lab blocks and homemade cereal mix. As treats he get yogies, baby food (fruits and meats), dog biscuits and smoked oysters. They love those!  There were no problems with introductions. The other boys love him too. Thank you for everything and allowing us to adopt from you.

Kelly M

Vahana in his new home with Typhani

Hi Betty, thank you for the updates. Every thing here is ok. Bub turned out to be the more out going of the two rats and as soon as the top is open he is out on the top looking to be picked up. Paw will let himself be picked up. I wanted to say rats are the best pets I have ever had .

- Bob

Nora's an absolute cuddle bug. She's sooo docile and calm that she's totally endearing. It's too bad rats can't be therapy pets (as far as I know) because she'd be perfect for the job. She's by far the calmest female I have ever had. Mischeif is a handful, total trouble maker, the exact opposite of Nora. She's the young female colony's appointed rabble-rouser. Amoungst other things her job includes leading the other girls on elaborate escape plans and trying to theive treats. She's been unsuccessful so far with the escapes but the ladder chore she's pretty adept at. I had my reservations about Vahana, seeing that his father was wild, when I got him but he's proved to be quite a sweetheart. He gets along with the other boys in his cage. He's not terribly fond of handling (he's too busy being his hyper self) but once you have him for a few minutes he calms down and lets you scratch him behind his ears. He's a slow grower but when he does grow it's in a mater of hours, I swear. He's found a soft spot in my heart with his extremely intelligent personality. He's really a joy. Louie is an absolute squishy love bug but he does have one default... he's terribly unphotogenic! He's such a cutie pie. He has this adorable loving expression that could melt anyone, even the most phobic of rat haters I swear. :)

-- Typhani

Typhani's hooded girl with a DRR baby

Hi Betty,
Our 2 rats are doing great!!!!! They are, like you said, the first ones to want to come out and play. The kids love their outgoing nature. We've named them Poppy and Katie. Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful rats. I think rats are the perfect pet for kids due to their playfulness and eagerness for new experiences and interaction. Ours are truly lovely.
Thanks again!

DRR Grayer in enjoying a snack with mom, Rachel

My name is Nell Howe. I am a licensed Veterinary Technician in the State of Maine and have been licensed since 1994. I graduated from the University of Maine - Orono in 1993 with an Associates Degree In Animal Medical Technology. I have worked for several veterinarians and 2 separate animals shelters over the course of my career so far. I am very familiar with the proper care and treatment of small animals as well as the signs and symptoms of healthy vs. sick animals.

During the time that I worked at the animal shelter, I saw my fair share (unfortunately) of sick, debilitated, abused and malnourished small pets as a result of mistreatment or irresponsible breeding. It is my personal and professional opinion, based upon what I have experienced, that none of Betty's animals fall into any of these categories.

I purchased 4 rats from Betty in October 2004. All from various litters. All were in good health when I picked them up from Betty and have continued to be healthy since then. All rats were received in excellent condition. They had clean shiny coats, bright clear eyes, no signs of sneezing or congestion, good muscling and body condition, all were eating/drinking/urinating/defecating normally, had excellent attitudes and temperament, all were bright/alert/curious/friendly. All had obviously been handled from a young age and were used to human contact and seeked it out. All were confident to varying degrees (based upon their individual personalities of course) and perfect little socialized pets from day one. I consider Betty to be a responsible breeder and would definitely buy rats from her again and recommend her highly to anyone in the market for a rat. I would also like to add that I am providing this information on my own accord will and am not being compensated in any way, shape or form for my endorsement of Betty Sabine and Darling Road Rodentry. Please do not hesitate to contact me, as I would be more than happy to answer any and all questions. Thank you.

The 2 rescued girls from Summer '07; Pauby & Bella
Here they are relaxing on their daddy Lee's sofa!

Hello, I would liked to be considered as a personal reference for Betty. She is nothing but caring and knowledgeable about her pets, she not only provides adequate care and shelter to them, she personally spends quality time with all of her pets. I met her on the Internet and had no idea at the time we were practically neighbors! We met in person numerous times and had many dealings. She is always a pleasure to deal with and up front and honest, which is hard to find in this world. She is a tenderhearted young woman with only the best of intentions. I have purchased several rats as well as birds from her and they were in perfect health. The one time I heard she had a sick pet, she had contacted me (I am an LVT) as well as her regular vet to get medicine. The animal recovered completely. Her dogs are well taken care of also and loved. Please feel free to contact me for any more information that may be useful. Thanks for your time,

Sincerely, Dani Jording, LVT

I am honored to be Betty's ratty veterinarian! My first introduction to Betty and her rats was when she brought in over 40 young rats for examinations. They were a uniformly healthy and well-socialized group of rats. I am pleased to be able to recommend Betty as a source for happy, healthy rats to my rat-loving clients. After examining Betty's newest crop of young rats, I
decided to adopt two rat mascots for my veterinary hospital. We acquired "DRR Lola," a beige half-mask dumbo female, and "DRR Merlin" a black silvered berkshire male. What gorgeous rats! I spayed Lola and castrated Merlin, and they are now living together in perfect harmony. My staff and I derive a lot of enjoyment out of just watching them and interacting with them. We proudly show Lola and Merlin off to our clients, rat lovers and rat skeptics alike!

Signed, Dr. Katherine Carter
River Road Veterinary Hospital, Orrington, Maine.

Here are Chris' new boys exploring their new home!

I am very happy to have these lovely boys in my home, so thanks again for
providing them. :)



My name is Maria, and late last spring I approached Betty about her rats. She was very helpful, put me on her waiting list, and answered a summerful of ratty questions! I got Pillage, Burn, and Bloo from Rainy and Icyy's litter, and they are the sweetest rats I've ever had-of course, I am a first-time rat owner, but I couldn't wish for better. Pillage and Burn are Toprats, which makes it easier to have them about when I am doing chores. I will definitely be getting rats in the future from Betty!


DRR Filius in his new home with Rachel

The crazily energetic DRR Whippet owned by Susan

The boys are doing great! They are so adorable! Even my roommate (who was very opposed to rats because "they're icky!") is in love with them, she might get some herself. If she does, Ill know where to send her. Ill keep you updated! Thanks for everything and all the help!

--- Alee

Hi! They are doing very well. Just a bit nervous and very curious about their new home. I've been trying to give them as much time as possible around the house, out of the cage, and they seem quite happy. My girlfriend and I are holding off on names until they get over their initial nervousness, so we get an idea of their personalities. :) We can tell already that they are going to be a great addition to our family. I let them explore my desk, but as you can see, they were feeling a little shy. I'll send a few more your way once they have some time to settle in (I feel guilty for hitting them with the flash). Thanks again for everything, especially meeting me in Old Town. I'm really happy that I was able to get them home today. -Chris

DRR Zion acting so surprised! Owned by Ashley M.

The adorable obedient DRR Sapphire owned by Susan.

Just wanted to give you an update on the boys- They're all neutered now, too, and doing great. Hudson (the bluebeige) and Kalven (the hairless) are such sweethearts. Kalven just wants to sit on my shoulder and hang out, constantly. Hudson just wants to be out and about all the time. They're very playful too, and get along great with each other and the other boys. Finnley (one of the blue capped boys) is always very curious and wants to be involved in everything that Hudson and Kalven are doing..but he's still a little nervous. He's getting more and more confident though. His brother, Gilbert, is a little shy, but he, too, is getting used to me. Winston (the black Irish) and Glance are getting much better. They're a little nervous to come OUT of the cage, and still a little nervous with me, but they're still very sweet. And once I put them back in the cage, they jump up at the door to come back out. They just need to become a little more sure of themselves, I think. Harry (the dalmation) has made the biggest improvment. Although he is still very shy, he's come a LONG way. He's getting more and more curious, coming up to the doors of the cage, and approaching me.Today I had everyone out in the bathroom, and they all came up to me, sniffing around. Kalven went right up on my shoulder and hung out there for the whole time. Hudson comes when he's called, and he was climbing all over me and playing with Kalven. The other boys were all off exploring the bathroom. Then my sister sneezed in the other room, and Harry runs over to the door and stands up. He was very concerned. It was cute. But they all let me pick them up and put them back in their cage without a fight.

So I just wanted to let you know how they're coming along, and how they're doing. They are all GREAT rats. By the way..I changed their diet, too..which they are LOVING. It's the molasses mix from debbie ducconum's RATS book. and so they're getting that mix plus fruits and veggies everyday..and oysters twice a week...They love it.


Hi Betty,

Just writing to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am to have the ratties! These "kids" are amazing. Saliba is a riot, she is so curious she doesn't hesitate to explore anything or anyone including the dog. Wonder has really bonded with me . She plays like a kitten and loves to be petted..over and over and over and..... LOL. The two boys are so sweet and so mellow. They both are so incredibly gentle. The champ rex is now named Dubby he is the more laid back of the boys the other now named Bloo is our rambunctious little buddy. More wiggly, squiggly ready to go get into stuff kinda guy. I am spoiling them rotten and they don't mind that a bit! Every evening I make up everyone their "salad" usually a mix of bok choy, broccoli, romaine lettuce,grapes,baby food varieties, smoke oysters. I am just enjoying them so much I wanted to share that with you. Thank you for letting me adopt these wonderful ratties! I will be in touch and get some pics to you too. Thanks again, Becky :-)

Lance in his little house with new mommy, Nell.

The girls are doing fine, Cider is still a little shy, she's coming around though. She has already started to give kisses. Shia is a doll, last night she got brave and explored outside the cage. My boyfriend had her in the chair with him while we watched a movie and she just wandered around, after a while she settled down on his lap and went to sleep all stretched out! It was so cute, I tried to take a picture but she figured it out and opened her eyes to look at me. They've been getting lot's of fresh foods too. We try to eat healthy, lots of fresh foods, they get a sample of every thing we get(that they can eat of course.)Yesterday, I treated them with a lick of a purple popcicle, they went nuts!. Thank you for the wonderful new family members! You did a great job raising them!


Below is DRR Lance in his new home with Nell!


My name is Susan and my husband is Jay, we have two kids. We had gone into petco one day as we do every week and we noticed the rats. We ended up getting two 3 month old females. We fell in love with them within a day. Then a week later they started sneezing and wheezing and had red stuff on their face. We looked it up in a book and found it was a respiratory disease and it said it was incurable. We then decided we wanted more so we went online to find a breeder, we found Betty the only breeder in Maine, we picked the ones we were interested in and emailed her she was very quick in returning the email the ones we wanted were available. I have to admit we were very impatient we wanted her to meet us on the weekend we just couldn't wait, well we ended up meeting her on a Monday- she was there and on time even, She was very polite and courteous. I didn't expect that from someone meeting me in Bangor away from their home, I was very pleased with her. She answered all of our questions we asked and you could tell right away that the ratties had been handled and were well taken care of. When we got them home they had to be in different ends of the house away from the sick ones, the petco ratties ended up going to the vet and were given medicine in their water which the DRR rats got also and have had a full recovery so now we have four and you can tell the difference between the petco rats and Betty’s. Betty's are much friendlier they explore and when you shake the yogies container the come a runnin'. Sapphire (DRR) and Kayla (petco) are the leaders in their duos. Whippet (DRR) and Rosalina (petco) get along great with each other and everybody else. Sapphire is a russian silver dumbo. She is great! She loves to explore; we open the cage door and she comes out to play with Jay. She climbs over him on to the couch to the computer desk and up and down the outside of the cage if she hears aloud noise she either goes to Jays shoulder or lap or runs into the cage. She is great with the kids. Whippet is a crazy rat with ADHD! She cant sit still for 10 seconds. Shes always on the move, the only one that uses the wheel. They are wonderful rats. I would recommend going to Betty to get a rattie to anyone and everyone. We are actually going to get two more from her upcoming litters. Thanks again Betty. I will keep you updated on Sapphire and Whippets condition. I will also send some pics of them and their large great new cage.

-Susan and Jay