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Darling Road Rattery

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                                             BREEDING SINCE 2002
                                             Page last updated: February 20th, 2012

We're back!!!

One of True's angelic beauties
Born September 26th, 2007! She is a lovely PEW dumbo.

Welcome to Darling Road Rattery! Here we strive to better the rat as a species by breeding for health, temperament, personality, longevity and type. We do NOT sell as feeders. Our rats are available to carefully screened homes only.
 We're located in central Maine. We do not ship rats and are a "closed rattery"- meaning we are not open to visitation. Please view the "Before Inquiring" page for more information.


We bred rats from 2002-2008 and then decided to resign after 6 wonderful years. Well, after a painful 4 year hiatus from rat breeding- We just can't take it any more! Getting back into rat breeding is something that I have been seriously considering for the past couple years. After thought and preparation- we have decided to move away from our dog breeding to focus on the smaller things in life...Rats!

Our site is under a major reconstruction. Please bear with us as we get back on track over the next several weeks!

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FOR SALE-We have many used set ups in good condition available including 10 gallon tanks with: lids, 2 level and 6 level toppers, as well as basic cages with pull out plastic trays and removable wire bottoms, etc. All are priced differently but start at $15. If you need a basic set up for 2-6 rats, or maybe just a travel, quarentine, or hospitilization cage- please contact us as we have many to spare!

This One is For the Boys

I, along with most rat breeders, sometimes find it difficult to home male rats. Why? One reason, they have testicles- as strange as that sounds. A lot of people would much rather take a common female than an exotic male because of that. Here is why I would recommend male rats:

1. They are calmer than female rats.
2. They are less prone to tumors than female rats.
3. They do not come into an every 4 day heat like female rats.
4. They are generally more cooperative than female rats.
5. They are actually squishier than females who are more tense.
6. They are larger than females.
7. They are less moody than females can sometimes be.
8. They are just as trainable and fun as females.
9. They are very social and can be kept with other males, unlike other species of small animals.
10. You will get used to their body parts, trust me!!

I refuse to breed another litter just to produce more females when I have perfectly healthy, gorgeous males available from the previous litter. Please consider male rats!!!


Available Rats! Available Rats! We have rats for sale and rescue rats up for adoption on the AVAILABLE RATS page.